I'm unable to translate my whole site now but this little page may be useful for you. Here you can download my main program:



RidEdit is a Windows 95/98 formated text editor. It works with TxTRider on TI-89 and TI-92+.

Ridedit's screenshot


Ridedit needs a font (TI89fake.fon) and some Visual Basic dlls to run. If you don't have these dlls or this font, you can download the setup (1.5 Mo) (You have to install the font manually). And of course you need the last update of the program (english version) : Ridedit (60 ko)


Txtrider functions like a html viewer. Ridedit allows easy tag insertion with a toolbar. Using Ridedit needs some knowledge about the syntax of your viewer !!!
FILE TYPES : Ridedit functions with standard ascii files (*.txt) and with TI-89 and TI-92(+) files (.89T, .92T).
SPECIAL CHARACTERS : The program handles all the characters of the TI-89 and TI-92. They are stored in 4 categories : math (F5), greek (F6), international (F7) and symbols (F8).
BREAKPOINTS : You can now use bookmarks (F2). You can see the list by pressing F4.
PREVIEW : It isn't available yet. Nevertheless you can check if your shemas match the screen width of your calculator : F9 for TI-89, F12 for TI-92.
CUSTOMIZATION : Titles, colors and default directory can be configurated.
TIPS : Ridedit allows a file name in its command line : that means that you can drop a file on the Ridedit's icon to open it. You can also customize the right-click on a 89T file...
SOURCE : You can download the source code of Ridedit (Visual Basic 5).


to Emmanuel Remy for his help and for HIS FONT !!!!!


If you have any question, observation, suggestion or problem send me an E-mail to :